Mother and son in the living room with wood stove Jøtul F 373 Advance

A cosy environmental initiative

Firing in a clean-burning stove from Jøtul is perhaps the most cosy environmental initiative you can do. With products made from recycled cast iron and world-class Clean burn Technology, you can relax in front of your environmentally friendly wood stove with a clear conscience. "Hygge" today, and "hygge" for the future.


Jotul quality


Heating the Norwegian Way

Long experience of coping with the Scandinavian climate, has taught us there is more to heat than can be measured by a thermometer.

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jotul Iron

Jotul quality

Quality that last a lifetime

Our customers deserve the absolute best stoves, inserts and fireplaces. All our products are cast in Norway using only the best available materials.

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