Insert Jotul F 620 in livingroom. Photo.

How to fit and select the right insert stove for your home

Insert stoves present an ideal solution to anyone who wants to fit a wood stove into an area without much space. Here’s a few quick tips how to fit and pick your stove.

An insert wood burning stove should fit flush into your chimney breast and directly into a hole in the wall. The stoves present an ideal solution to anyone who wants to fit a wood stove into an area without much space.  Here’s a few quick tips how to ensure you buy the right insert stove and get that designer look.

Check the size

Fitting a wood stove or cassette directly into your fireplace is no easy feat – you may have to restructure to make it fit seamlessly. Whilst it appears obvious many people don’t actually check if the insert/cassette wood burning stove will actually fit. Talk with your supplier for advice and ensure you measure the height, width and depth of the fireplace and stove.   

Check the foundations

If it doesn’t fit, you’ll need to look into opening up the recess – this may lead to a full breakout. Always ensure the wall is supported and you know which materials are required. Ensure that your cassette and inset stoves sit on full constructional hearths – that’s five inches of solid concrete. If this isn’t possible, set them on lintel or brickwork. If you do need to excavate deeper into the wall be wary of wall supports and electrics.

Make sure it's up to standard

Always ensure that the wood stove is flexi lined with a convection box. Typically, an inset stove is a metal box with a front face attached. Inset stoves can be both shallow and deep, built straight onto the stove or sometimes clipped on. Cassette stoves vary, with a second thin layer around the firebox helping to preserve the hot air flowing it directly up the stove’s flute. Regularly consult your instruction manuals and seek professional guidance if necessary.

Get the style right

Wood burning stoves can be the focal point for any room. However, you need to ensure it is suited to your home’s personality. Wood stoves come in a variety of different ranges such as traditional cast iron or a more modern and contemporary look. Jøtul’s range offers an excellent array of colours and finishes, so ensure you get the right look for you. It’s always best for you to look in store prior to purchase that’s why we rely on our excellent and helpful reseller network.

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