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Types of firewood for your wood stove

Here is your guide to choosing the right firewood to get the most from your wood burning stove unit.

Not all types of wood should be burned in a stove

Potential wood burning stove owners often have questions about which wood is best to burn in a stove. Some however, tend to believe that practically any wood can be burned in the unit. Certain types of wood should never be burned in a stove. Pine and woods with the same attributes produce harmful creosote leading to potential house fires. Not all woods produce such high levels of creosote, and are ideal for burning in the stove. Here is your guide to choosing the right ones to get the most from your wood burning stove unit.

Do you know how you can easily start an environmentally friendly fire in your wood stove? With our guide we will show you a trusted procedure that makes lighting the fire easy.


Oak - the most popular type of wood

Even if you happen to be a wood burner novice, you are already likely to know the endless benefits of oak as a timber. Especially from its strength for use as a building material, through to furniture construction and the many more uses it is heralded for. Burning oak in your wood stove is another use for this much revered species. This wood is largely the most popular as it is so widely available, with the only drawback appearing to be the long seasoning time it requires. Generally, oak can take up to 18 months to properly season some varieties. Options for oak varietals include: Bur, Gamble, Red, and White. All produce between 24.6 and 30.7 BTUs per cord with a low smoke point and high heat output.

Ash - high heat output and easy to split

If you are looking for an abundant wood with a high heat output and an easy wood to split as well, ash is tough to beat. Ash comes in both green and white varieties and maintains a low smoke point, so even those that are slightly sensitive to the smell of burning wood will have no trouble enjoying this remarkably beautiful wood variety. White ash does produce slightly more heat than green with a BTU rating of 24.3 per cord. Green ash still produces optimal heat with a BTU rating of 20 per cord.

Apple - appealing smell and low smoke output

Fruitwoods are known for their appealing scent and therefore are a common wood to use on outdoor BBQ’s and in smokers. Woods such as apple are not merely for use in the great outdoors as they have proven themselves to be a highly valued wood burning stove option as well. Apple is a wood that is relatively easy to split with a low smoke output and requires a shorter seasoning time than harder wood varieties. The best thing about applewood is that its BTU rating is among the highest of all wood types coming in at 27 per cord.

Beech and birch - intensely long burn time

Other common wood types for use in wood stoves are beech and birch. These woods do require a substantially longer time to season than most and tend to be offered by kiln drying companies rather than those that season wood naturally. The bonus of these woods is that they have an intensely long burn time and a maximum BTU rating of 27 per cord. Should you decide to cut these woods yourself, be mindful that they are very difficult to split.

When choosing the right wood for your wood burning stove, consider your homes needs. For those that prefer to maximize efficiency, hardwoods such as beech, birch and oak are the ideal options. However, if you intend on cutting, splitting and seasoning your wood yourself, consider the many benefits of woods such as maple and fruitwood varieties. Each of the woods above do produce excellent heat with a low smoke point, so no matter which one you choose you can expect maximum warm radiant heat from your wood burning stove all season long. Make your winter bright and merry with a wood burning stove in your home today.


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