Hygge at home

Create «Hygge» at home

Autumn and cooler days are our favorite time of year when it comes to «hygge» and the cozy feeling at home. Rain on the window take us into the sofa corner with a fire in the fireplace, lit candles and large cozy blankets.

We serve you the recipe for how to create the perfect setting for a warm and pleasant autumn evening.

How to create a cozy atmosphere at home

1. Find your cozy nook

Choose a cozy place at home, where you can let go of all of your worries and relax.

Brown sofa


2. Light candles

We love lit candles in the autumn and winter season, also as decorations on the table. The soft light from living flames affects our senses. It sets the mood and helps us relax and stress down.

Light candles


3. Read a good book

Find a good book or a magazine you want to read. A hot tip from us firewood lovers is Lars Mytting's book about heat and the soul of wood burning, "Hel Ved".

Black book and brown sofa


4. Tasty snacks

It is the little things that bring coziness to everyday life. Fill a bowl with something extra tasty and treat yourself to a few pieces of delicious chocolate, or maybe a small cheese platter?

Hygge at home


5. Wool, wool, wool

The high season for extra warmth is upon us - and nothing says autumn more than big blankets, wool socks and warm slippers. We replace the light textiles from the summer with heavy velor and wool that gives us warmth both visually and practically.

Wool blanket


6. A cup with a hot beverage

There is a lot of coziness in a cup with a hot beverage. Make yourself a big mug of tea, or maybe we can tempt you with a cup of cocoa with a pinch of sea salt?

Hygge at home


7. Light up your fireplace

Did you know that the serenity the living flame gives you actually has been researched?

A study by Christopher D. Lynn, an associate professor of social anthropology at the University of Alabama in the United States, showed that the sight, the crackling sound, and the smell of a bonfire lower our blood pressure. It also says that the relaxing effect affects the nervous system and that you sleep better.



So enjoy this little moment with a good conscience; sit comfortably with soft pillows in the back, the scent of hot chocolate, let the light and heat from the fireplace glow towards you and feel complete relaxation.


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